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The Rightway Janitorial company has been working in this industry for more than 20 years, providing perfect cleaning services!

We're ready to clean up your home, office, house or a warehouse with an astounding and acute precision. We'll leave your premises sparkling clean and smelling all nice and fresh. Now is the time to defeat your home’s messes once and for all! Using our professional and ecologically friendly services, all of our customers will be able to enjoy an absolutely amazing level of crystal clear, snow white sparkling, crispy clean!

Our advantages

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Regular Cleaning

We focus on the quality of the clean. We always take care of every detail in the room.

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We have over 20 years of experience. We have worked with City of Prince George and have given services to Prince George Airport too.

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Deep Cleaning

We provide cleaning “extras” and special touches that are difficult to find elsewhere.

We Clean. You Relax

Cleaning's no fun. In fact, it’s time-consuming, dirty, and can involve a bruised knee or two. Luckily for you, we love to clean. It’s basically all we do.

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